Freedom Child Tour – Further Three Shows Cancelled

Unfortunately, the band hasn’t fully recovered yet and the three upcoming shows in Milan, Vienna and Padova (until March 13) have been cancelled. For those who don’t know yet, Danny has been diagnosed with Bronchitis and and advised to take some rest. Health takes priority and I guess we’re all understanding and only wish for thim to get well as soon as possible.

Information on rescheduling the shows will be provided soon. Danny, make sure to get some rest and get well soon.

Freedom Child Tour – Show in Zurich Cancelled

Important notice! for you Swiss fans who planned to attend tonight’s show in Zurich. The Script has officially announced on their Instagram and Twitter accounts that the show will be cancelled due to Danny being sick. Unfortunately, he’s been diagnosed with Bronchitis and shouldn’t have performed last night in Hamburg, Germany either.

It’s a pity but I believe that everyone’s understanding in that case. Health always takes priority. Simply The Script wishes Danny and the rest of the band and the crew all the best and we hope he gets well soon. Stay safe and slacken off. Hopefully you’re feeling better as soon as possible and won’t have to cancel the rest of the tour.

Freedom Child Tour – Sporthalle: Hamburg, Germany

After two shows in Frankfurt am Main and Cologne last week, The Script came back to Germany tonight, March 07 and rocked the northern part of Germany, Hamburg.

I added the first bunch of show pictures to the photo gallery. I’m sorry for the low quality of some of images but most of them were taken with cell phones. Enjoy!

Grand Opening

Dear The Script Family, I’d like to welcome all of you to the opening of Simply The Script, your most recent resource and fansite dedicated to The Script and its band members. I’ve been following so many of your social media accounts to support Danny, Glen and Mark, but with this website I aim to create a small platform and resource page, bringing together fans, news and pictures at one place. As you can see, the project is still developing and under major construction. The photo gallery is far from being complete yet, but we’ll manage together. 😉 So, stay tuned!

A line about myself: my name’s Debby, I’m 23, living and studying in Germany. I can’t really remember the exact moment I considered myself a fan, but I remember that I first listened to them — and fell in love immediately — somewhere during their first studio album „The Script“. Since then I kept listening to every single album and song that was released, followed the news on social media etc. To make it short: they’ve become my favorite band. Stayed with me through the good and the bad, the hard times. I believe everyone of us has experienced that music does wonders sometimes.

Being a fan for so many years, I decided to kind of thank them for everything they’ve done so far for us.

Why now? Truth be told, attending my first live show of The Script during the Freedom Child world tour was the trigger. Unfortunately I’ve never made it to a shown before because life had always gone in the way someway. I honestly regret having missed all the amazing shows! The show in Cologne was so moving that I finally wanted to say thank you in a bigger way than sending them annoying tweets on a regular basis. 😀

To cut a long story short, welcome to Simply The Script! I‘m looking forward to connecting to many more members of the The Script Family. By the way, if there is anything you‘d like to donate to the website, such as fan photos, fan art or stage photos, feel free to contact me via e-mail.

Freedom Child Tour – Annexet Stockholm, Sweden

The Freedom Child world tour is in full swing and today, March 05, the band rocked the halls in Annexet Stockholm, Sweden before heading back to Germany again to perfom in Hamburg on Wednesday. I uploaded a bunch of images from the show to the photo gallery. Credit to their respective owners has been given.

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